Questions frequently asked by dog owners

“Who are New Forest Dog Sitters?”

My name is Katie & through my love of dogs decided to create New Forest Dog Sitters.

I’m fully licensed by NFDC & have experience of owning small breeds & have lots of experience dog sitting breeds like Terriers, Pugs, Schnauzers, Cavapoos, French Bulldogs & Chihuahuas. I’m doggy mum to Dora the Mini Dachshund & our new family member, little Dolly the Brussels Griffon.

I can assure you whatever your dog is though, they will have a paw-some time in my home, with my family & our own doggies!

“Are all dogs suitable for home dog boarding?”

I have learned though our experience of dog sitting that our home is ONLY suitable for family friendly dogs, who are happy to be around other dogs.

I am happy to accept most toy & small breeds as long as they are obedient, non-destructive, non-aggressive & do not suffer from separation anxiety. All dogs MUST also be ok with children and get on with other doggies.

I do not accept dogs that are not house trained, due in season, suffer from separation anxiety, chew furniture or household items.

I am also unable to accept dogs with aggression towards other dogs or people.

If you are unsure about your dog’s suitability, please contact me and we will be happy to discuss your dogs needs & arrange a trial day/night.

All dogs that come to me MUST be spayed or neutered if over 6 months. I find that intact males can really change the dynamics of a group, when in general all of the other dogs here staying are neutered.

“What sort of dogs do you look after?”

All toy & small breeds, young & old…you won’t find any BIG dogs here at New Forest Dog Sitting!

“Are there any aggressive dogs at the New Forest Dog Sitting?”

NO. Every single one of the dogs MUST come for either a doggy day care trial session, or for bookings of 2 nights & over, we ask for a trial night (charged at the standard rate).
During the trial we can check if he or she is a good match for the rest of our dogs, & they are happy & settle within our home environment. It does happen sometimes that we have to say NO.

“Does my dog need to be vaccinated, wormed or flea treated?”

Yes all dogs need to be annually vaccinated & wormed to protect against infections and disease.
If your dog has not been vaccinated in the last 24 months, please visit your vet for a booster. You will also need to bring your dog’s vaccination card as proof that your dog’s is up to date.
All dogs also need to be flea treated before arrival.

“What will I need to provide for my dog?”

Everything that you would supply if a family member was caring for your dog. For example: Enough food for the entire stay, biscuits, chews, clean bed or crate, bowls, leads, toys and anything else to make your pets stay comfortable and familiar.

If your dog has a special diet or medication this is not a problem. If your dog eats raw meat, you will need to provide enough food which can be defrosted each day.

I also require Veterinary details & an emergency contact in case of emergencies. Please print & fill out our Home Boarding Registration Form  & and bring it with your dog when he/she comes to stay.

“Can I collect my dog early?”

YES! If you return from your holiday early, for whatever reason, & decide to collect your dog before check-out this can be arranged. Please text, phone, or e-mail us in advance. (No refunds will be due).

“What is the minimum stay when overnight dog boarding?”

The minimum stay is normally just one night when using New Forest Dog Sitting. I advice especially to book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

“My puppy is very young, is there a minimum age that you accept puppy sitting & overnight boarding?”

Sending your puppy to New Forest Dog Sitting is the best thing you can do for it! Your pup will socialise from the very young age and as a result learn “how to be a dog”. Being exposed to other dogs will teach them vital social skills with other dogs and humans. Minimum age is 6 months & your puppy must be fully vaccinated & toilet trained.

“Are you insured & licensed?”

YES, & YES…I am proud to be licensed by New Forest Council, & insured with added Public liability by Protectivity Insurance in case anything happens to your dog whilst staying with me.

“Where will my dog sleep when staying with you?”

Not a kennel in sight! Just like at home your dog will stay with us overnight & be treated as if he were one of our own. With the choice to sleep either in the kitchen or lounge with our own dogs, they will certainly have a comfortable stay.
Our doggy friends come back year on year as their owners know they enjoy their time with us so much and go home with their tails wagging happily.

“When do I need to pay for my booking?”

The balance will become due when you check your dog in and is paid directly to us. For Easter/Summer Holidays, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day bookings, we require a small deposit on booking during these busy times.

Enjoy your time off!

As dog Owners, we know how it feels to be separated from your prized pooch.

Be rest assured that your furry loved one will be taken care of and everything will be okay with New Forest Dog Sitters.